Using premium and all-natural products sourced locally.


Ensuring minimal impact on the environment, reusing and recycling products.


Providing relevant, creative and original products with wellbeing at its core.


About Us

Treehouse’s vision is to be recognized as a leading lifestyle brand in Saudi Arabia, delivering quality food and beverage to customers by using natural, organic and locally sourced ingredients that adhere to core sustainability principles, and support the local community.

As the first Farm to Table concept in Saudi Arabia, Treehouse prides itself in using organic, local and seasonal produce that is7 picked every morning to ensure the finest quality gourmet meals.

Organice farming

This was one of the fall menu options and let me tell you, it was so good! It is also a very big bowl so you are really full after this. The prices are reasonable. Definitely worth trying!

Tree House is an amazing little cafe in Riyadh, our favourite. We have ordered online, picked up and dined-in on several occasions, and they've never failed to provide high quality service, as well as the yummiest food.

Hands down the best sandwich & salad place in Riyadh! High quality ingredients, their rye bread is out of this world! Please never ever close!

This is the best organit spot in Riyadh! Absolutely brilliant taste of fresh, tasty Salads and sandwiches. The staff is really nice as well. I don't do dessert but I've heard the date cake is worth every bite!

Organic Farming

Agricultural System

Organic farming is an agricultural system that uses ecologically based pest controls and biological fertilizers. It contributes to our values.

Authentic Gastronomic Experience

Local Community & Job Creation

Enhance Health
& wellbeing

Protect Natural

Our Source

SafeFood Farms

Safefood has international accreditation, over 25 years experience in industrial organic farming using best sustainable farming techniques and is the trusted source of organic produce for major supermarkets across the kingdom.

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Salads, Sandwiches, Goodies

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